GigaTrak Asset Tracking System (ATS), allows easy assignment and tracking of assets to either a location or person. Find your assets when you need them and avoid the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements.

GigaTrak is a very comprehensive system available today for managing assets, tracking tools, materials, and consumables more efficiently across your company. GigaTrak ATS Asset Tracking comes in three standard options: Basic, Pro or School editions. A Starter Package is also available for those needing a low cost simple solution.

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Asset Functions (Find, Information, History) Includes all Basic Features Includes all Pro Features
Check in and out assets User defined fields based on Class and Type of Asset (unlimited) Members (can be renamed by user)
Print PDF or Email (via Outlook) Reports Search ability for user defined fields 3 user defined Member categories (e.g. Student, Faculty, Staff)
Label Designer and Printing Asset Maintenance functions 4 user defined Member information fields
Asset Reservations Shows overdue assets on check out screen Check In/Out assets to Members
Mobile Handheld Computer Option Maintenance Due Reports Import Members from TAB delimited TXT file
Link Images and Documents Maintenance Service Reminder Interval Export Members to CSV file
Features & Benefits Basic Pro School
Check Out/In Assets to an Employee or Location
Employee Administration with Access Rights
Barcode Label Designer & Printing
Asset Reservations
Batch Handheld Terminal to do Check Out/In, Bin Counts and Audits
Reports including Asset Assignment, History, Depreciation, Valuation, etc.
Track Repairs & Maintenance with preset Intervals
Alerts to on Low Bin Counts & Maintenance Due
Check In/Out to Student, Faculty and Staff
Excel Import and Export of Member Files
Wireless (RF) Handheld Terminals optional optional